Victory Indoor Bowls Club
Alex Way, Alexandra Park,
Portsmouth, PO2 9PB.
Tel: (023) 9266 3734
Company Reg. No. 0910304

Men's Honours

Men's Club Singles Champions
2014/15C Bailey
2013/14C Bailey
2012/13D Evers
2011/12C Bailey
2010/11T Meller
2009/10R. Gadd
2008/09R. Gadd
2007/08M. Marchant
2006/07M. Marchant
2005/06M. Marchant
2004/05L. Reeves
2003/04P. Hobday
2002/03S. Robertson
2001/02M. Marchant
2000/01S. Robertson
1999/00C. Hayward
1998/99P. Hobday
1997/98I. Foster
1996/97M. Hanson
1995/96D. Dennis
1994/95P. Hobday
1993/94C. Brewer
1992/93J. Mackney
1991/92D. Dennis
1990/91D. Bishop
1989/90P. Hobday
1988/89T. Jamieson
1987/88T. Jamieson
1986/87P. Hobday
1985/86I. Mackenzie
1984/85P. Hobday
1983/84T. Jamieson
1982/83D. Miller
1981/82D. Dennis
1980/81W. Charles
1979/80F. Hunter
1978/79C. Gardner
1977/78R. Houghton
1976/77F. Cooper
1975/76F. Croft
1974/75F. Cooper
1973/74H. Sawyer
1972/73F. Cooper
1971/72F. Hunter
1970/71B. Allen
1969/70A. Wareham
1968/69R. Lewis
Men's County and National Honours
2009/10Victory Indoor BowlsHampshire Inter Club Champions
2009/10Victory Indoor BowlsEngland International
2008/09R. Gadd D.Bishop C. Bailey G.StarksNational Fours Champions
2008/09S. Robertson D.Wildman P.Cooke M. MarchantHampshire Fours Champions
2008/09Victory Indoor BowlsHampshire Inter Club Champions
2007/08M. MarchantEngland International
2007/08Victory Indoor BowlsHampshire Inter Club Champions
2007/08D. CollinsEngland Team Manager
2007/08C. Thresher R. ShelleyHampshire Pairs
2006/07M.MarchantEngland International
2006/07C Bailey G.StarksHampshire Pairs
2006/07T.Bailey P. Drewball C.ThresherHampshire Triples Champions
2006/07Victory Indoor BowlsInter Club Champions
2006/07D. CollinsEngland Team Manager
2005/06M.MarchantHampshire Singles Champion
2004/05C. Bailey, W. Taws, B. Starks, I. MackenzieCounty Fours
2004/05M. MarchantEIBA Junior International
2004/05D. GristCounty President
2004/05M Marchant CaptainJunior International
2003/04C. HaywardEIBA Over 60 Singles
2003/04M. MarchantEIBA Junior International
2003/04S. RobertsonEIBA Junior International
2002/03M. MarchantEIBA Junior International
2002/03S. RobertsonEIBA Junior International
2001/02M. MarchantEIBA Junior International
2000/01M. MarchantEIBA Junior International
1999/00M. MarchantEIBA Junior International
1998/99S. WildCounty Life Vice President
1998/99S. RobertsonEIBA Junior International
1998/99M. MarchantEIBA Junior International
1997/98I. Foster, P. HobdayCounty Pairs
1997/98I. Foster, P. Hobday, M. DunneCounty Triples
1997/98S. RobertsonEIBA Junior International
1997/98M. MarchantEIBA Junior International
1996/97S. RobertsonEIBA Junior International
1996/97M. MarchantEIBA Junior International
1996/97I. Foster, P. HobdayCounty Pairs
1995/96M. Lloyd, J. Mackney, D. Bishop, C. BrewerCounty Fours
1994/95S. WildHome Counties President
1994/95P. HobdayCounty Singles
1993/94S. WildCounty President
1993/94D. BishopCounty Singles
1993/94P. Hobday, I. Foster, C. GardnerCounty Triples
1992/93B. Chapple, D. Tye, R. Ward, D. MillerCounty Fours
1991/92P. Hobday, I. Foster, C. Gardner, D. BishopCounty Fours
1990/91C. Brewer, D. Tye, D. Miller, R. WardCounty Fours
1989/90W. Charles, F. Croft, C. BakerCounty Two Wood Triples
1988/89T. Moore, D. Moore, D. DennisCounty Triples
1987/88T. JamiesonCounty Singles
1987/88W. Charles, G. Smith, T. JamiesonCounty Two Wood Triples
1986/87R. GreenCounty President
1986/87R. Wrein, C. Summers, D. GodfreyCounty Two Wood Triples
1985/86I. Foster, C. Gardner, P. HobdayCounty Triples
1985/86H. Mills, W. Drackett, S. WildCounty Two Wood Triples
1984/85D. Tye, R. Scopes, D. MillerCounty Triples
1983/84J. Bullock, I. PuddickCounty Pairs
1982/83J. Bullock, I. PuddickCounty Pairs
1982/83J. Crozier, R. McLean, R. GreenCounty Two Wood Triples
1981/82C. Alexander, I. Mackenzie, D. Bowerman, B. ReadCounty Fours
1980/81R. Dennison, P. Goodwin, T. JamiesonCounty Triples
1980/81R. Dennison, F. Harris, P. Goodwin, T. JamiesonCounty Fours
1979/80D. HallCounty President
1977/78D. Hall, F. Shell, L. Hall, F. CooperEIBA Fours
1977/78D. Boyce, T. Moore, A. AshCounty Triples
1977/78A. Scott-Taylor, J. Beveridge, D. Kewell, N. KewellCounty Fours
1976/77R. Kemp, T. Moore, P. Kemp, G. NorthCounty Fours
1975/76J. BurrettCounty President
1975/76F. CroftsCounty Singles
1975/76F. Hunter, A. Wareham, H. SawyerCounty Triples
1974/75G. CarruthersEIBA President
1974/75F. CooperCounty Singles
1974/75S. Baker, J. Stainer, D. Dennis, A CookCounty Fours
1974/75A. Pervin, A. Robinson, L. HendersonCounty Two Wood Triples
1973/74H. SawyerCounty Singles
1973/74E. Brown, D. Kewell, N. KewellCounty Triples
1973/74G. Harding, R. Nightingale, F. CooperCounty Two Wood Triples
1972/73A. Wells, J. Alexander, R. Lewis, H. SawyerCounty Fours
1971/72R. BalmerCounty President
1971/72D. Driver, R. Nightingale, F. CooperCounty Triples
1970/71A. WarehamFull International
1970/71A. Wareham, H. Mason, R. BalmerCounty Triples
1968/69G. CarruthersCounty President

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