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Covid 19. Message from Liz Pescops (VBA Chairman).
The letter below dated 24th March provides the latest information on how the VBA CoM are managing the the Club on your behalf.
Your officers are all operating from home and therefore have no access to a current Members Distribution List so would each Member who sees this notice please notify all the Club Members on their personal contacts list that this information is on this Homepage and is also available on the 'Downloads' page.


Dear Members,

It is now 12 days since Victory closed its doors against Covid-19 and in that time, life has changed for every one of us, particularly after last night’s announcement.

1. The most important thing is for you to stay safe during the weeks and months ahead; this is a time when we will all need the support of friends, so please keep in contact with each other by phone, email, Facebook etc.

2. Your Committee of Management is working hard to try and ensure that when the ‘all clear’ is given, Victory can swing back into operation. One of our immediate challenges is to see that our staff are looked after. Hopefully, the Government will provide the financial support which was promised in recent announcements. We will be keeping a close eye on what happens.

3. Some of our members queried paying continuing Direct Debits while the Club is closed. Please remember that when you join, you pay for a year’s membership, annually. Direct Debit is organised to assist you in spreading the cost over 12 months. Once you stop your direct debits, you are no longer a member of the Club. The same arrangement also applies to social members. In the event of you wishing to rejoin, you would have to pay any back money, which would possibly cause financial problems for you.
It may seem harsh that you are being asked to continue paying through the closure, but we have tried our best and succeeded in not increasing the membership fees, in spite of increased costs such as staff wages and utility bills (which are huge). Tony Ayling has spent hours trying to get the most efficient deals. We have just had to pay over £14,000 for essential underpinning of the back wall of the Club. The bills for running the Club continue despite its closure and we are doing our utmost to keep the Club in good repair and ready for your return.
If you have any questions about your membership at this time, the person to talk to is Charlie Bailey, our Membership Director.

4. Victory is CLOSED and will not re-open until it is safe to do so. Therefore the Bowls Committee AGM scheduled for April 23rd 2020 is postponed until further notice.
The Club will re-open as soon as we are given the ‘all clear’. We are all missing playing bowls and the social interaction which our Club gives us, but these are unprecedented times and we must follow the advice we are given by medical experts.

5. National Competitions 2020-2021: Charlie Bailey is dealing with all entries. If you entered last year, he will contact you. Anyone wishing to enter this year who is NOT on last year’s list, please phone Charlie on 07729 615408.

Finally, please take care of yourselves during this crisis. We hope it will soon be over and we can return to doing what we enjoy most. If you know of any member who is likely to be left isolated during the coming weeks of social distancing and self-isolation, please keep in touch with them to make sure they are all right.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Liz Pescops
Committee of Management

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1968 - 'Fifty Years Young' - 2018.

Founded in 1968 at Alexandra Park, the Centre for Sport in Portsmouth, we are a 'Community Amateur Sports Club' totalling about 600 playing & social members of all ages.

Our air-conditioned and LED lit Bowls Hall comprises six rinks of new Dales ProWeave carpet and is equipped with a 'Bowlsmaster' scoring system, changing rooms and lockers for both sexes and is fully accessible to wheelchair users.

We welcome all bowlers and non-bowlers and encourage community participation through liaison with local charity groups, schools, businesses and societies. eg. The Portsmouth North End Cycling Club (PNECC) use our facility as their Clubhouse.

The Victory is famous for its intimate ambience which encourages spectators to engage with the action. This, together with a well-stocked, low-cost bar and an 80 cover restaurant area offering home-made fare, makes our club one of the most popular indoor bowls venues in the country.

We are proud to have had both junior and senior players selected to represent their country In the recent (and not so recent) past and we are always well represented in National and County Mens, Ladies and Mixed Competitions.

From mid-September to the end of April, we are open for bowling & social activities every day of the week from 09:00 to 22:00 and although our summer opening times are more limited (see Summer Opening Hours on 'Club News' page), we run Spoon Drives on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:00 and Summer Triples Leagues at 10:00 on Tuesdays and at 12:00 on Thursdays.

The sport of Bowls may be enjoyed by all regardless of experience, gender, race, age or disability and provides controlled, gentle, sustainable exercise for body & mind. It's defining attributes of fellowship, courtesy, fun & honest competitiveness may all be experienced in full measure at the Victory.

Please pop in to experience our club & the sport of Bowls on a 'TRY BEFORE YOU BUY' basis.
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