Victory Indoor Bowls Club

Function Room

Subject to availability and taking into account the priority we give to our Bowls commitments, our Restaurant and Lounge Area may be booked by Club Members to hold parties, wakes etc. for themselves and/or guests that they are willing to be responsible for. Non-Club Members may also apply to book this facility which, if accepted, will cost £100.

In exceptional circumstances and subject to the above conditions, the whole club may be booked for an all ticket or invitation only Function. (e.g. New Years Eve Party, Charity Functions, Private Receptions).

Apart from these very few occasions each year, all other bookings will not effect the right of club members to access and enjoy all of the facilities their membership allows them. Please make enquiries to the Council of Management to ascertain availability and then our Caterers to book their services and negotiate a cost.

All non-members will be required to purchase a £1.00 Day Membership which is available at the bar. Where the number of guests attending is unknown until the time of the function (e.g. a Wake) the member responsible for the function is required to maintain a sign-in attendance sheet at the entrance which will then be clipped into our Visitors Book to fulfil our legal requirements. In this instance a fee of £1 per Guest to a maximum of £100 will be charged by the Club for the use of our facilities.

Private Meeting Room
Our Committee Room is available to Members and Non-Members for private meetings of up to 12 persons at a cost of £25 per day or part thereof.

Please note: We do not have a separate privately bookable function room.